More News of the Restoration Process

The first phase of the restoration project, the work on the canopy around the tower and the steps beneath, is complete. The exception to this is the vexed question of the hand rails! The first set that were installed were badly implemented and the contractor was obliged to remove them and was not able to invoice for the materials or work. A new hand rail set is being constructed by a different contractor but is taking much longer than expected. Meanwhile ther are a set of temporay hand rails made from timber beams and scaffolding poles. Certainly not what is suitable for the front of a grade one listed building!! The funding for phase one is secured and the work was completed in November 2010 except for the handrails which are still pending.

The mausoleum roof has been covered to protect it following the theft of its lead roof in 2009. The second phase application to English Heritage to cover repair of the windows, mausoleum and the restoration of the monuments, Sir Titus in the vestibule and the Angel Gabrielle in the mausoleum has now had a response. £30,000 remains to be raised to secure this phase of the project