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The congregation is drawn from a wide variety of social groups, ages and Christian experience, who together deepen our Christian commitment and understanding. We find enjoyment in our worship, fellowship and service within the Church family. The members have a variety of shades of view on the type of service that is enjoyed and as a result, the variation of worship is reasonably rich. In general the traditional form of worship is followed, enhanced by a strong musical tradition of more formal choir music.

Communion services are held on the first Sunday of each month and on key Christian festivals such as Good Friday, Easter Sunday and on Chrismas Eve. The United Reformed tradition is for elders to serve communion to church worhipers at their seats and then all partake together.

In addition to the regular worship there are meetings for Prayer and for Bible study. These may be held in members’ houses led by The Minister or by Elders. Most meetings seem to be completed with a cup of tea or coffee and informal chat!

There are a number of special services each year. These include the Christmas candlelit carol service, the Midnight Communion on Christmas Eve, the harvest service when produce is given to pass on to places of need such as Bosnia during its conflict, Easter services, the Christmas Eve communion service and other services on an occasional basis. These are publicized strongly in the local community and often have an attendance of worshippers significantly in excess of the usual Sunday services. One such service was to dedicate the new peal of bells, installed in the church in 2003, during the Saltaire festival when some 350 worshippers attended, including the Mayor of Bradford.

Many local couples are married within the church and local families bring their children for baptism. Wedding couples are encouraged to attend worship and church activities in the period up to their wedding, and are welcome to continue afterwards. Many have become regular worshippers. All have said that they find it a welcoming fellowship.

There are many activities for members and church worshippers that encourage Christian fellowship among the members and other worshippers.